Bucking Bronco

Our brand new High Back Western Rodeo Bull is great fun for adults and children alike and will make your party the envy of all your guests with no fuss for you.

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We will arrive set up and stay to operate the bull for you and all you need to do is sit back and watch everyone having fun.

The Bucking Bronco Bull comes complete with large digital display so you can turn the fun into a competition for who stays on the longest.
It shows the longest time that has been archived so far as well as counting the current riders time.
With dual controls for manual and automatic programs you can ensure that everyone  has the ride they are looking for.

The bull will spin you and buck you for as long as you hold on (for the young ones we are able to set the bull so that it will not spin and buck more gently).
We have complete control of the spin speed as well as the buck speed.

All we ask is that each rider either old or young is able to get on and off the bull themselves.

Simply call us on 01303 773143 or 07980 850154 to check availability & pricing
or use the contact form by clicking here.

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*Prices from £250*

Our GS Bull is certified to ADIPS, DEKRA & ADR(Australian Design Registration)

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